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Coach Tone’s Dose of Total Empowerment

Whether you are here working out at CFTE or at the office or with your family and friends or just in the act of enjoying life, I encourage you to be the best version of yourself and “play full out.”  True power can only be achieved only through powerful intentions, full commitment, and engaging 100% of your energy into action. Know that the more overall energy you have, the more present and sharp you are and the quicker and better you are able to make the best choices. Practice discernment and non-judgement and simultaneously use logic, emotion, and intuition to make quick and accurate decisions.  Know that you are always at choice, and so, instead of reacting, respond by adjusting to given circumstances. This will be of such great benefit to you and to those around you. See you at box!



Total Empowerment Blog: Visioning

Without vision, your workout and goals will not be as effective as it could be.  It’s important to see a vision of who you really want to be or what you want to experience.  This process is much more than simply visioning outer achievements; it involves more energy than intentions.  The visioning comes from the CFTE Athlete being able to see and feel “a new me.”  Then, energetically, the vision is set in motion along with your WOD’s.  What you focus on, expands.
Here are a few tips on creating a vision:
1. Paint a picture in your mind as if it already occurred, the new you.
2. Make sure the vision is powerful, exciting, and purposeful.
Ex: Imagine that it’s one year from now and you have reached your fitness goal. Paint a picture of what you see. Remember to include all the senses, people, and places that will be just right for this scenario to flourish.
If you are interested in designing a vision that is exciting, purposeful, and fulfilling, and one that you will be inspired to create, email us at info@crossfittotalempowerment.com