CrossFit TE Workout of the Day

Tuesday, 8/22/2017 WOD

“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground.”  -Theodore Roosevelt

Warm up:
CFTE Dynamic Stretches
500 Meter Row
Spend 15 minutes to review the movements below.
Perform 5 Reps of each exercise.
Partner WOD!
Teams of 2 for all 3 Pieces:
-At 0:00-
42-30-18 of:
Thrusters (95lbs./65lbs.)
-At 11:00-
42-30-18 of:
Calorie Row
Power Snatches (95lbs./65lbs.)
-At 22:-00-
42-30-18 of:
Box Jumps
Front Rack Lunges (95lbs./65lbs.)
Mountain Climbers (per leg)

A quick note about the WODs. You’ll often see us post workouts that look like they’re a little “advanced” or beyond your current skill set – but don’t worry :-)  The posts are what we call “prescribed” workouts. For every workout there will always be a “scaled” version available to you. Whether you’re an elite athlete or a beginner, we will find some version of the WOD that works for you.  Let’s have fun!