Wednesday, 05/31/2017 WOD

“Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation.”- Robert H. Schuller

Warm Up:
CFTE Dynamic Stretches
3 Rounds:
10 Squats
10 Push Ups
10 Sit Ups
Bear Complex (Review and Practice)
30 Minutes
Complete 7 Unbroken Sets of this Complex
1 Power Clean
1 Front Squat
1 Push Press
1 Back Squat
1 Push Press
Build Up to Max Load
Post Max Load in WODIFY
15 Min Running Clock:
Min 1: 1 Bear Complex (45/35), 1 Burpee, 2 Jumping Lunges
Min 2: 2 Bear Complex, 2 Burpees, 4 Jumping Lunges
Min 3: 3 Bear Complex, 3 Burpees, 6 Jumping Lunges
Keep Going Until You Can No Longer Complete, Then Start Back at 1 and Go Again Until 15 Mins Is Over
Post Furthest Minute Completed to Wodify


Tuesday, 05/30/2017 WOD

“It’s not the load that breaks you down, it’s the way you carry it.”  – Lou Holtz
Warm Up:
CFTE Dynamics
2 Rounds:
200 Meter Run
10 Jump Squats
5 Burpees
Double Under
Review and Practice
15 Minutes
500 Double Unders for Time
Every Time Athlete Breaks, Complete 10 Ring Rows
Scaling Options:
1000 Single Unders/1000 Jumping Jacks
Post Time to Wodify
**Coaches Note: When Athletes Have Finished At Least 10 DU/20 Singles In Last Attempt Will They Go To Ring Rows**

Monday, 05/29/2017 WOD

We will be performing the Hero workout “Murph” to honor fallen Navy SEAL Michael P. Murphy and raise funds for the LT Michael P. Murphy Memorial Scholarship Foundation.


“The brave die never, though they sleep in dust: Their courage nerves a thousand living men.” — Minot J. Savage


1 Mile Run

100 Pullups

200 Pushups

300 Squats

1 Mile Run

…. In a 20lb vest or Body Armour


Scaling options for the WOD will be posted on white board. We will have a version of this workout for all to participate. Come on down and Let’s have fun!

Here is our schedule and heats for Memorial Day:
7:00 am
8:30 am
1o:00 am 

Sunday, 05/28/2017 WOD

“If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it.” – Jonathan Winters
Happy Birthday, Carrie!!    

CFTE Dynamic Stretches
6 Minute Abs:
Flutter Kicks
Hip Drops
Reverse Crunches
Tuck ups
Russian Twists w/ Medball (20lbs./14lbs.)

Medball Clean

25 Minute AMRAP:
5 Wall Climbs
30 Second Plank Hold
10 Burpees
30 Second Superman Hold
15 Strict Press (45lbs./35lbs.)
30 Second Hollow Hold
20 Medball Cleans (20lbs./14lbs.)

Saturday, 05/27/2017 WOD

“Life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, and responsibility to give something back by becoming more.” -Tony Robbins
Warm Up:
CFTE Dynamic Stretches
Squat Therapy:
Front Squat
15 Minutes:
Establish a 3 Rep Max With Proper Form.
*10 Sit-Ups Between Each Set*
4 Rounds For Time:
400 Meter Run
10 Dumbbell Front Rack Lunges (50lbs/35lbs) (Per Leg)
15 Slam Balls (25lbs/15lbs)
20 Toes To Bar

Friday, 05/26/2017 WOD

“Thank you TE family for giving me your best for 2 weeks. It’s been fun!” – Coach Dennis

Warm up:
CFTE Dynamic Stretches
WOD Review

Pull-up test:
Max reps consecutive pull-ups.
All versions except jumping.
Athletes may attempt twice.

Sit up test:
1 Minute Max Reps
Feet Anchored

Push press

Push press/ weighted abmat situps
10-8-6-4-1-1-1-1-1-1 press
10 situps each set  w/ max dumbbell

Cash out:
200 Long Striders

Thursday, 05/25/2017 WOD

“Stay positive. Most of the things you’re stressed about you won’t remember in 6 months.” – Coach Dennis

Warm up:
CFTE Dynamic Stretches
WOD Review

Pendlay Row

Pendlay row/ Handstand Push-up
Increase Weight

30 intervals
30 second on/ 10 seconds off
Ring rows
Dumbbell Side Raises

Wednesday, 05/24/2017 WOD

“Quality, intensity, consistency. In that order.” – Coach Dennis

Warm up:
CFTE Dynamic Stretches
WOD Review

10 Minutes:
Max height box jump
*perform as many low level jumps as necessary to warm up
10 situps between sets
Record height in WODIFY!

Hang muscle snatch two arms db 30/20
Box Jumps (highest possible box)
Followed by:
Wall Balls 20/14

Tuesday, 05/23/2017 WOD

“The moment you ask yourself if you have the strength to continue is the moment that you do.” – Coach Dennis

Warm up:
CFTE Dynamic Stretches
WOD Movements Run Through

Power clean
Bench press
5×5 superset
Increase weight each set
Record weight in WODIFY!

Partner WOD!
8 Minute AMRAP:
500 Meter Row for Max Watts
Speed Push-ups

8 Minute AMRAP:
1 Minute Alternating Stations
Speed Cleans 75/55
Leg Bicycles

Monday, 05/22/2017 WOD

“For me, the best part of training early and hard is the rest of the day usually feels pretty easy.” – Coach Dennis

Warm up:
CFTE Dynamic Stretches
Interval timer:
1 min/10 sec
3 Rounds:
Toes to bar
Air runners

Wod review

For Time:
Single arm overhead squat with dumbbell 35/20
Single leg deadlift with barbell  95/ 65
Barbell rollouts

Cash out:
50 Kipping Stomps