Athletes of the Month!

Congratulations to Mari and Albert on becoming CFTE’s Athlete of the Month!  Check out their answers to the fun questions we asked them!
1. When and how did you get started with us?

2. Favorite workout? Least favorite workout?

3. What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?

4. What’s your favorite book you have read?

5. What’s the last thing you searched for on Google?

6. What’s your favorite flavor of Jolly Rancher?

7. What superpower would you want to possess?

8. If you could travel anywhere outside of this planet, where would you go and why?

9. What do you love most about CFTE?

“1. Walked in and signed up on August 31,2017

2. Favorite is back squat
     Least favorite WALL BALLS
3.picture of my mom
4.cook book r us
7. Control minds
8.moon to find cheese
9.the way I was in embraced since day one” – Mari Rivera!

“1. Walked in and signed up on August 31, 2017

2. Favorite workout Back Squats and least favorite is Wall balls
3. Sky
4. Blue on Blue by Charles Campisi
5. Modells
6. Cherry
7. Fly
8. Moon because it looks so peaceful
9. What I like most about CTFE was that we were treated like family since day one by the owners and staff. ” – Albert Rivera


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