CFTE Athlete of the Month!

Congratulations to Barbara Voss Kuznetz (Beevee)!  She is CFTE’s Athlete of the Month for January!!

Here is what she shared about her experience at CrossFit TE:

“Crossfit is not about individual workouts to me, it’s about the community.  At Total Empowerment, each and every member, along with the coaches, is what inspires me to be my best in each workout.  Those “WOD-ing” with me are also enduring the challenges and giving me the strength to excel in every workout.  When I want to give up, I look to my left or my right and all of a sudden I have the strength to move mountains.  That along with coach enthusiasm makes “digging deep” always productive.  The support and motivation does not end after the hour is up.  Each and every member and coach has encouraged me in some way so that I carry them in my head, heart or life outside of the “box”.  This is as much their award and acknowledgement as it is mine.  I consider everyone family.  Thank you each and every one of you at Crossfit Total Empowerment!

I originally started Crossfit in what I thought was pretty great shape.  I was playing soccer four times a week and doing some hiking, biking and running.  I was more curious to see what this fad was and really didn’t think I’d like it. After the second class, I was hooked and couldn’t sign up fast enough for a membership.  I look forward to Crossfit every day while at work and have been known to plan my weekends so that Crossfit is a part of them.  The hardest thing for me is taking a rest day. When I walk out of the door after a workout I feel accomplished, confident, strong and physically fit.  No matter what I was struggling with on the way in from my personal life is now unimportant or something I can overcome.  I have never seen such total results on my body and it feels amazing.  I am totally empowered!

The coaches and staff are unparalleled at Total Empowerment.  The workouts are always uniquely structured and creative. It never feels like you are repeating the same moves day after day.  Coach Dennis’s vast knowledge of anatomy, technique and fitness combined with his quirky humor makes him irreplaceable and I am fortunate to get to work out with him almost daily!  Coach Michael will never let me forget how to do a move in the proper technique and is so enthusiastic you can’t ever not have a smile on your face while he’s around. Coach Damon is so driven by seeing the members have results it is gratifying to see.  Coach Joe and Coach Jennifer may both be quieter, but they both have endless knowledge, passion and ability.  They are always helping, supportive and have endless patience with me. Then there is Coach Anthony. There just isn’t anyone like Anthony. He is the glue to the Crossfit Total Empowerment family.  He is a class act and we all love him.  Now go strut your stuff across the floor.  You know you want to.” – Fondly, Barbara Voss Kuznetz

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  1. Marie
    Marie says:

    Way to go, Barb! You totally deserve this honor. You are always smiling and you work so hard! Love your motivation! Great choice, Coaches!


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