Ray is 25 years old and grew up playing baseball competitively and volleyball and basketball recreationally.

He is also a volunteer for the Elmont Fire Dept and works full time for PSEG Long Island.

Ray got into weight training in 2006 and with no real knowledge of what being fit was all about; just kind of go with the flow with a monotonous routine week after week. He soon lost motivation after 2 months and did not do any weight training for months.

“Crossfit TE, and its coaches, have opened my eyes to so many things in my short two and a half months as a member like improving my nutrition and expecting varied daily routines. The experiences I go through here are nothing less than awesome to say the least. The coaching staff is a group of awesome men that are constantly motivating me to push myself to both my mental and physical limits and then some. I come to each class motivated and hungry to compete with nobody but myself and to also show support for the other members I train with.” – RT

“I love doing things that I would never have thought of doing on my own like the burpee or the “Fran” workout. I have never had a reason to use a jumprope until now. My ways of training at Crossfit Total Empowerment leave me feeling much more mentally and physically strong. It’s because of this establishment that I will never go back to a regular gym again.” – RT

Ray, thank you so much for all your efforts, your attendance, and your love for CrossFit TE!  Congratulations on being Athlete of the Month for June! – CFTE TEAM

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