CFTE Athlete of the Month!

Congratulations to Marcela Hernandez as she is CFTE’s Athlete of the Month for October!

Hear from Marcela in her own word:

“Joining CFTE was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. At first I thought ok let me just purchase this crossfit deal and get a good workout for a month. But just after a few wods I knew it was going to be impossible not to sign up. I’ve been to other crossfit establishments, kickboxing studios, gyms and nothing compares to the atmosphere created by the coaches and athletes at crossfit total empowerment. Each and every day it’s a new and exciting workout that I know one of the coaches carefully thought out to push us to our limits. I’ve been to a number of classes at different times from the 6am to the 8pm, all the athletes are there to work hard and encourage each other to do the best that they can. My friends joke with me saying that I’ve been drinking the “crossfit juice” and there completely right, I’m hooked. I’ve had to cut down on the actual days I go because there have been times I’ve gone 5 days straight. That’s how much I love the classes!!

Since I’ve started the paleo diet combined with the CFTE classes, I’ve loss 10Marcelalbs. But I’ve gained so much more than just losing weight. I’m a strong believer that if you start doing crossfit and implementing what you do in class to real life situations you’ll have the confidence to do anything. Even if the workout is super tough I know that I’ll get through it and if I need a little encouragement I know one of the coaches will push me. I actually think I’m in better shape now then when I was playing lacrosse on the collegiate level.

I’m extremely thankful and proud to be athlete of the month. Every day when I step through the door of CFTE I know I’m going to have an amazing workout and feel great afterwards. I’m truly grateful to have found such a great environment to workout in with amazing people. I hope one day to take what I’ve learned at CFTE and coach classes myself.”

Congratulations, Marcela!  We are so proud of you and absolutely love the energy you bring with you each and every time you show up! – CFTE Coaches

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