CFTE Athlete of the Month!

Congratulations to Jason Magurno, he is our Athlete of the Month for December!

We asked Jason to share his experience with CFTE and here is what he had to say:

“I gravitated towards Crossfit for the challenge it presented. I have 20 years in the military and prefer the challenging physical goals presented in a community environment. I have been through some rigorous training evolutions throughout my career and I have continued to seek them out for the immense benefits that they reward both physically and mentally. My experience at CFTE has been just that, physically demanding but I have left every workout with a sense of accomplishing an intense workout.

Since joining CFTE about 6 months ago, I have seen overall improvement. I initially started my membership as a gift and have continued due to the coaches and positive environment the CFTE staff has provided. Coach Dennis and Coach Mike have provided me with constant proper techniques instructions as well as guidance to assist me in continuing towards my fitness goals. I continue to make new PR’s and look forward to becoming proficient at numerous techniques. The introduction of the Olympic lifts and other gymnastic techniques has inspired me to obtain my Level 1 Certificate Course and I intend to continue to seek out other specific training. 

Thank you for the recognition of athlete of the month. Anthony and Dennis said it was for the hard work I put in, but it is really a testament to the positive community that the CFTE coaches and athletes have made that makes it enjoyable to come in everyday. Thanks again. – Jason”

Jason, thank you so much for all your efforts and always bringing your “A” game both while WODing and in your attitude!

CFTE Coaches

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