CFTE Athlete of the Month for November!

Congratulations to Juan Ceron!  He is CFTE Athlete of the Month!!  Juan has really pushed himself to go above and beyond.  He is always breaking PR’s and brings positive energy to every single class.  Congrats, Juan!

Here is what Juan had to say:
“My wife came home after trying out CrossFit TE for the first time and she said she absolutely loved it, I didn’t expect her to even last a week since she doesn’t really like to work out.  A couple days into it she asked me to come and check it out so I decided to go,I figured it would be a good way for us to spend some good time together and get in shape.
 It has been over year now and we both feel and look better than we ever have. 
It has been an awesome experience, aside from feeling great we have made great friendships and I can honestly say I feel like we are all part of a family. 

Thank you for the honor of being athlete of the month which would not have been possible without all of the amazing, encouraging trainers and fellow members.”  – Juan Ceron

Keep up the good work!

CFTE Coaches
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