CFTE Athletes of the Month!

Congratulations to Julia Vasiloff and Jesse Mclennan! They are CFTE Athletes of the Month!  Well deserved!  Here is what they had to say about their experience here at CFTE:

“I decided to try CFTE for a week after Jesse joined thinking that I would quit right away because I always enjoyed working out by myself. I also thought running in marathons and half marathons made me a decent athlete and that I didn’t need a gym to tell me how to workout, but WOW was I wrong! CFTE has made me a pound for pound stronger athlete than I have ever been. Now because of CFTE, I know that I have more in me and I look forward to achieving it. I can’t wait to come to class every day and push myself to the limit with the encouragement of all the members and coaches. I want to thank all the coaches for being amazing and motivating me this past year! You guys have become a larger part of my life than I ever anticipated 🙂 “-  Julia Vasiloff



“I’m so thankful to have joined CrossFit and this gym in particular. Not only have I seen gains on the floor, but gains in my attitude, which I feel are far greater than any physical quality one could acquire. That being said and as the saying goes, sound body, sound mind, is also very important. Additionally, Total Empowerment has helped me get through some tough times and come out the other side a better man for it while also making some great friends in the process! I haven’t met anyone at CTFE who I haven’t enjoyed working out with, there are so many great qualities in everyone here that when all added together, make for an awesome environment to learn, strengthen and have fun. I plan to keep coming as long as I can so I’ll see you guys out there!” Thanks CTFE!!- Jesse McLennan

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