CFTE Athletes of the Month!

Congratulations to Billy Benton and Maria Parada, they are CFTE Athletes of the Month!  Here is what they had to say!


“Thank you coaches for the recognition. I started with CFTE on Sept ’16 for the 6 week challenge for a chance to finally get my health in check. I weighed in at 223lbs, with border line high cholesterol and triglycerides and dealing with type 2 diabetes. I tried a lot of hokey diets before and different kinds of exercises to get my weight down but failed to keep the weight off, until I found CFTE. The paleo diet CFTE suggested when I started coupled with the WOD pulled me out of my comfort zone and put me on the right path to getting healthy. Five months later and going strong I’ve lost 32lbs, my cholesterol and triglycerides are excellent according to my doctor, and my diabetes is at a level where I’m now considered pre-diabetic. With this kind of result it’s a no-brainer for me to keep this up. It’s truly a life changer. 
Thank you to all the coaches at CFTE for all the hard work they do in getting us motivated and moving. A big shout out also to the crew (Andrew, Barbara, Christie, and James) that started with me in September and also kept on going – always a blast going through the “pain” with you guys.” 


“Never did I think that my name would be in the same sentence as athlete. I am honored to be on the “WALL”. When I started crossfit I had no idea what to expect. It is easy to succeed at things that come easy. It is the struggles we face that deepen our accomplishments. I am most often last in the class. I have to say that crossfit has taught me it is okay. I have been teaching many years and feel that crossfit has let me see my students in a different light. It showed me that changing just a word can make a BIG difference. My friends have been asking me why I am different. I have to say I have gained confidence, strength, and most important of all inner peace. I started crossfit because of a dress and continue to go because of ME! I have never felt so secure. I want to THANK all the coaches and my crossfit family for their patience and support.” – Maria Parada


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