CFTE Athletes of the Month!

Congratulations to Stacey Mucaria and Andrew Murray for they are CFTE’s Athletes of the Month!! Check out what they had to say!


“I would like to start by saying it is an absolute pleasure to be honored as Athlete of the Month at CrossFit Total Empowerment. When I was searching for a change in my fitness regimen I heard so many positive things about CrossFit training I had to give it a try. As a result of my research and referrals I was told that I might feel as if they push too hard or that I may seem overworked but since I started CrossFit, approximately a year ago, I feel absolutely exhilarated and invigorated. It has changed my entire outlook on the way I would like to train my body. Everyday at CFTE your well-being is their first priority. The energy exuded from all the coaches makes you want to work to your fullest potential. I have accomplished so many goals this year and eagerly await many more goals that I can fulfill in the future. I would like to thank all the coaches for their support and for making me feel like I was your only client amongst the many others in class. I always felt like I was your main priority. The individuality you gave to each and everyone is what motivates us and makes your gym superior and above all the rest. I would like to also thank the 5 and 6a.m class, you are the best! I do have to mention that the CFTE is by far the cleanest gym I have ever been a member of.” – Stacey M

“Since I joined CFTE in September as part of the 6 week challenge, my experience has been nothing short of amazing.  When I started, I set 2 goals, to climb the rope and to do a pull up.  With the guidance and confidence of the CFTE staff, I have met both goals along with losing over 25 pounds! Thank you to the coaches and my fellow 6 weekers, Barbara, Billy, Christie and James. I never knew that working out could be so much fun as well as rewarding.  I’m looking forward to setting new goals and conquering them as well!” – Andrew M

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