CFTE Athlete(‘s) of the Month!

Congratulations to Ashley Learned and Pete Cento as they are our Athletes of the Month!

Here is what they had to say about their experience with CFTE!

Congratulations to Ashley Learned and Pete Cento, they are our Athletes of the Month!! Here is what they had they had to say about their experience here at CFTE.

Less than a year ago, I couldn’t even do one push up. When I realized how far I was from my dream of becoming a Nassau County police officer I almost gave up. I had always been involved in athletics since a young age (most notably cheerleading throughout high school and college) and was used to a structured team practice. I found that when I went to the gym to work out on my own I kept hitting plateaus. I started with personal training and then made the switch to CrossFit about 4 months ago and I’m so glad I did. I was instantly hooked! What I love about CrossFit is how it is different everyday and that I am actually seeing results. I am also so glad that I ended up at CFTE. As a quiet person it is a little out of my comfort zone to start something new like this on my own, but I’ve always felt welcomed at CFTE. The coaches knew my name from day one and my fellow athletes have always cheered me on when I am struggling to finish a workout. But most importantly, my entire attitude about fitness has changed. Going to the gym is no longer a chore and I actually look forward to working out each day! I am usually here 6 days per week and I am disappointed if I have to miss a day. When I first started I planned on just training for the academy and now I can’t imagine not still being here afterwards. I feel honored to have been recognized by my coaches as Athlete of the month.  A big thank you to Anthony, Dennis, Mike, Joe and Damon for always encouraging me to keep going–you each have helped me come closer to reaching my goals.” – Ashley Learned

I’d like to thank the coaches for all of their guidance and encouragement over my ten months as a CFTE athlete.  I consider myself a product of the incredible knowledge and passion that each coach possesses and brings to every single class.  As a former adherent of traditional monotonous weight lifting routines, I would challenge anyone to spend one week at CFTE and not find themselves pushed to a level they never thought they could reach.  The coaches have truly created a challenging yet welcoming culture for people of all skill levels.  I will always consider myself a CFTE athlete, no matter where my future takes me.” – Pete Cento

Congratulations once again for all your hard work, your support and most of all your positive energy!  Keep up the good work!  – Coaches Tone, Joe, Mike, Dennis, Damon, Jenn, and Vinny!


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