CFTE Athletes of the Month!

Congratulations to Tanya and Donovan Fray!  They are CFTE’s Athletes of the Month!!!  Check out what they had to say:

1.  I started the 6 week challenge on March 27th and fell in love with the classes and had to continue.

2.  Dumbbell Snatches, deadlifts, sit ups and push-ups are my favorites.

3.  I would have to say running and burpees.  I must admit I do cringe when I see either in the WOD, but I know as I continue to progress it will become easier.

4.  I work out with the 8pm class during the week and the 8am class on Sundays and i love the groups.  There is definitely as sense of commradery and I have developed a few friendships.  Everyone including the coaches are encouraging and even with the struggles I am able to finish.

5.  My wall paper on my phone are my 2 boys.

6.  My overall experience with CFTE has been amazing, I am excited to come each evening to get challenged.  All of the coaches make the classes fun and enjoyable coupled with the great people I get to work out with.  Believe it or not I look forward to working out. – Tanya Fray

I got started with CFTE by joining the January 2017, 6 week challenge. I’d seen it advertised in the weeks prior and decided to give it a shot.

My favorite workout so far would have to be DB Thrusters. It’s a new exercise, to me, but I learned it quickly. They provide a very cool total body workout.

My least favorite exercise is the overhead squat. Still struggle with that one but I’m working on it.

I typically workout with the 7 or 8pm crew. The time provides me a chance to get home from work, unwind a bit, then head back in for an evening workout. The athletes in those classes are all really cool, nice, encouraging and most of all competitive. Their hard work and effort pushes me to try that much harder. RESPECT!!!

The wallpaper on my phone right now is a pic of me with my 2 sons after a youth track meet. Those guys are my heartbeat.

I tell everyone that my experience at CFTE thusfar had been awesome. Even better than I expected. Great coaches, a competitive atmosphere, and great members who again are encouraging and help motivate you to push through to the end. Im glad I gave CFTE a chance and I look forward to training with them for long time.

Thanks again for your consideration.


Donovan Fray

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