Man and Woman workout at Crossfit Total Empowerment


Congratulations to Amy Cohen and James McGowen as they are CFTE Athletes of the month!  Check out what they had to say to some fun questions we asked them:

Man and Woman workout at Crossfit Total Empowerment
“I started in March of this year, I’m friends with Connie & she’s been telling me about CFTE for a long time. I was at a different point in my fitness journey in March & was ready for a change. I came to a Thursday night 5pm class & joined by the time I left that night! 
Favorite workout would be anything with squats & deadlifts! And because of CF I now like running too!
Least favorite is anything involving the jump ropes honestly
I only workout @ the 5pm on Thursdays, I do the 6pm mostly & the 10am on Saturdays—I love the people I’ve met from going at different times, I’ve made some good friends @ CFTE
The wallpaper on my phone says “Good Vibes – Pura Vida” because I try to bring good vibes wherever I go 🙂 
My experience @ CFTE has been like no other. I’ve never felt stronger & better about myself in my whole life. The positivity that’s encouraged throughout the workouts has helped push me to challenge myself & fight to finish every wod. The coaches are so supportive & really care about us as not only athletes but as people too. It’s truly a wonderful place & I am so glad I joined!! ” -Amy 

“This gym changed my life. I am in the best shape I have been in years. Thank you to all the members and coaches who push me to be a better version of myself each and every day.” – James


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