CFTE Athlete(‘s) of the Month!

Congratulations to John Abbruzzese and Patrick Hannaberry, they are CFTE Athlete’s of the Month!  Here is what they had to say about their experience here at CFTE:

“CrossFit Total Empowerment has totally made working out fun again. Checking the CFTE mobile site has become apart of my morning routine. I cant wait to see what the QOD & WOD(quote and workout of the day) is for that day.  I love the location, chill decor, great music during my work out, and outstanding motivation and guidance I get from the coaching staff.  The coaches are great at teaching each exercise and answering my questions, making sure I understand. They’re constantly checking my form ensuring I avoid any risk of injury, making it easier for me to achieve my work out goals.  I find the workouts very enjoyable, and whats great is they can all be scaled to anyone’s individual skill level.  I am most fulfilled when I find myself laying on my back in complete exhaustion, trying to catch my breath, after pushing myself to the limit at the tail end of a workout. Which is something I could never get on my own at any gym. Not only are the coaches great, but the members are welcoming and supportive as well.  I remember during one of my first workouts, while majority of the class was finishing their reps, instead of putting there equipment away, they gathered around me as a group and cheered me on through my last couple of sets.  From that point on I knew this was the perfect spot for me to achieve my fitness goals.  Thank you everyone for being so awesome.” – John Abbruzzese

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