CFTE Athlete(s) of the Month!

Congratulations to Monica Norniella and Kevin Ketterhagen for they are CFTE’s Athletes of the Month for the month of July!!  The bring such positive energy, hard work and dedication.  Well deserved you two!  Here is what they had to say about their experience thus far at CFTE.

“My experience so far at Crossfit Total Empowerment is amazing. When i started in June I had very low confidence and was afraid of my own shadow. Now I’m starting to get more confident.  The reason why I’m getting more confident is due to the fact I  feel safe at CFTE I’m realizing no one is going to make fun of me and everyone sticks together.  Its such a great atmosphere and everyone is so motivating which makes me try hard when I’m working out. The coaches are amazing they honestly care about every single member and the energy they have toward the class is amazing. I don’t know how they do this but they know when you can be pushed or if you can’t be pushed no more. Thats a hard trait to have but all coaches have it at CFTEt. I’m so glad I found this place and can’t wait to change for the better! Its only been about a month and I already see better changes in me!  Just want to thank everyone for making me feel so welcomed at Crossfit Total Empowerment. Each one of you taught me something which made me a stronger person (mentally as well) . For me I realized the three things you need to succeed at a workout is atmosphere, believing in your self and the motivation everyone brings towards the class. I literally was trying to figure out why I do so well here and then I realized those were the three things that CFTE has.I want to thank everyone again for your help by making my experience here so amazing. See you all soon! – Monica”

“For over a year I was kicking around the idea of joining Crossfit, but was always able to find a reason why the time wasn’t right.  That was until July 6th when I walked into CFTE for my first class. Apprehensive about not being able to perform the WOD, injuring myself or getting lost in the crowd were quickly alleviated.  The Coaches create an amazing atmosphere, pushing each athlete to perform their absolute best, while always putting form and technique first.  The motivation from the members to push myself through each workout has already allowed me to accomplish things that a few months ago I wouldn’t have even considered attempting.  Over the last few years I have had multiple gym memberships, personal trainers and diets and was always “trying to get in shape”, since joining CFTE with support of the coaches and peer athletes I can now say in confidence that “I am getting into shape”.  For a rookie to be honored as an athlete of the month speaks volumes to the culture that the CFTE Coaches have created and is a credit to the amazing group of athletes who welcome, encourage and support each other in a way that I have never seen in a gym before.  I am truly honored to be an athlete of the month and always look forward to our next WOD. – Kevin”

Once again, Congratulations!!

– CFTE Coaches

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