CFTE Athletes of the Month!

Congratulations to Christa Dusharme and Jasper Skliba, they are CFTE Athletes of the Month for February!  Here is what they had to say about their experience thus far:

“Just want to start off by saying I am honored and humbled to be chosen as athlete of the month for February! Since joining in November of 2014 I have enjoyed every aspect of crossfit training! I’m especially addicted to checking the WOD (even if I can’t make the class), hopefully I’m not alone on this! What makes Crossfit TE so great are the coaches and the members! The motivation and energy of all creates such an adrenaline boosting atmosphere!!! Being a member of Crossfit TE has been challenging and rewarding, I have achieved so many personal goals that I thought I never could. A special shout out to Dennis, Mike and Anthony! Dennis has been my driving force, his encouragement is what strives me to work harder! Mike also is very encouraging and brings a special energy to the class that puts a smile on my face, particularly when he breaks out into dance!  Lastly, Anthony, is always very supportive and extremely motivating. I’m so fortunate to be a member of Crossfit TE, it’s not just a gym, it’s family!  …Now excuse me, while I check tomorrow’s WOD!” – Christa Dusharme

“I was introduced to Crossfit by my wife, coach Jenn. I started doing Crossfit here at TE, as we were two of the original members when it opened two years ago. Prior to Crossfit, I participated in many sports as well as other physically demanding activities as a firefighter. At this time, my primary workout style was bodybuilding with a focus on strength, although I felt that there was much more to fitness. Becoming a CFTE member allowed me to develop many of these skills to allow me to become a well rounded athlete. The coaches have taken the time to work with me on techniques to improve my overall ability, especially in the areas of gymnastics and flexibility and the members here are motivating, pushing myself and each other to go the extra mile. All in all, the community at CFTE is second to none, which is why Jenn and I have been here from the beginning and look forward to working out with everyone for some time to come!” – Jasper Skliba

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