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CFTE Athletes of the Month!

Congratulations to Dianna Belifore and Daniel Kim; they are our Athletes of the Month for April!  Here is what they had to say:

“Thank you so much for choosing me as the Athlete of the month. From the first day I walked into CFTE I instantly felt like part of the family. Everyone is extremely kind, welcoming and encouraging. A huge shoutout and thank you to all of the coaches for helping me believe in myself and motivating me especially when I feel like I’m ready to give up. I’ve had memberships to several different places, and they don’t even come close to CFTE.. It’s the most amazing place and I leave each class feeling so good which lasts the entire day. I’m so happy I found this place, there’s nothing like it… I’m officially addicted!” – Dianna Belifore

“Thank you so much for naming me one of the athletes of the month!  It is truly an honor and I am so humbled and grateful.  Needless to say, I’ve hooked on Crossfit ever since I walked into CFTE just 2 months ago.  From day 1, I felt so welcomed by all the coaches and athletes that it really didn’t feel like a first day-well…at least until the workout started.  In this short period, I know that I have already gotten much stronger.
Prior to starting at CFTE, I have tried to stay pretty active.  However, Crossfit is a completely different ballgame.  I absolutely love the fact that no one knows what to expect or how to feel by the end of the every WOD-we all share the pain!  The positive atmosphere at CFTE is unparalleled.  The mindfulness, attention, and positive feedback from all the coaches are so much appreciated.  You can feel their utter joy when one overcomes a challenge and the progress we all make-that being, finishing the WOD, beating their PR, or even doing their first anything! Those emotions are so contagious and motivates all the athletes into becoming better athletes, teammates, and people.  So big thanks to all the coaches!  You guys are amazing!
I get so excited going to bed, just to wake up early the next day to get to CFTE.  Love being pushed to my limits and seeing my teammates push themselves everyday is so inspiring.  So special thanks to my teammates, you guys teach and make me a better athlete, teammate, and person everyday.  I can’t wait to see all our progresses!  See you guys in the AM!”
-Dan Kim
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  1. Coach Tone
    Coach Tone says:

    Congrats, Dianna and Dan! Well Deserved!! Thank you for always going above and beyond! Keep up the good work


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