CFTE Athletes of the Month!

Congratulations to Robin Roach and Ricardo Martins; they are CFTE Athletes of the Month!!

Here is what they each had to say:

“I want thank Cross Fit Total Empowerment for the honor of being named Athlete of The Month.
When I walked in 2 years ago I was not sure this was something I could do.  All the coaches immediately made me feel like I belonged and with hard work anything was possible.
I want people to know what an amazing, special place this is.  It is a place where I found myself, my self confidence, my fitness, and new friends.  The kindness they should my boys, but especially, Bryan, will never be forgotten.  Including supporting his Buddy Walk for Down syndrome team!
Every morning when I get up I am reminded of something Coach Mike said that has stuck with me.  It is not impossible – it is I’M POSSIBLE!!!
I will always be grateful for my Cross Fit Family. Congratulations to Ricky too!!!” – Robin Roach

“I had never been part of a gym environment and never really considered myself to be athletic let alone an athlete. So when I hit a point in my life when I decided I needed a change CrossFit Total Empowerment was the thing I turned to. With the help of all the coaches and the encouragement of other members I was able to find something I both enjoyed and looked forward to. I’ve enjoyed learning new skills and achieving goals through the wide variation in the workouts but also meeting new people. It’s only been a year since I started but I now feel comfortable enough to call myself an athlete and I have everyone at CFTE to thank for that, so thank you to the coaches and also the the other members. I wouldn’t have stuck around if it wasn’t for all you guys making me feel at home at the gym.” – Ricardo Martins

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