CFTE Athlete(‘s) of the Month!



Congratulations to Rob Berrios and Lauren Slattery – they are CFTE Athlete’s of the Month!! Here is what they had to say:

Before I joined CFTE I had a vague idea of what crossfit was just from hearing other people talk about it (because, you are not a crossfitter if you don’t talk about crossfit 24/7  ). I was intrigued by the competition part of it, being super competitive myself was what motivated me to join originally.

My idea of being in shape was to be able to lift heavy weights.  Once I started crossfit I realized how out of shape I was, which to me was incredibly humbling. Not being able to complete a WOD or to run for a mile without walking half the time was frustrating but at the same time my competitive spirit started to kick in again. Every day that went by I felt myself getting fitter and fitter, having all these people (who I can undoubtedly call my friends now)  genuinely cheering for you and wanting you to do better every day became just as motivating as my competitive drive.

Trying to stay in shape and healthy is amazing and rewarding. When you do it surrounded by people who are full of positive energy and  who have become your family, is even better. I love going to the gym after a stressful day at work, to work out hard, laugh and just have a great time. Being at CFTE has become a huge part of my life, I truly feel like I am at home with my family every time I’m there.

Thanks to all the coaches for all their knowledge, support and most of all true friendship.

Rob Berrios

I played sports and was part of teams my entire life, all the way up through college where I played soccer.  After graduating it was extremely difficult, and I thought impossible, to find something that compared to that comradery and type of support system. That is until I found Crossfit Total Empowerment. J

I attended my first class and it was instantaneous, I was hooked.  The atmosphere, people and the coaches created this energy that I wanted and needed to continue to be a part of.  The simple things, like the coaches knowing your name from day one and the welcoming and supportive members cheering you on are what make CrossFit TE so special.

As an athlete I thrive in the group atmosphere and motivation of my peers cheering me on, this is exactly what Crossfit has given me again and I couldn’t be more thankful to the coaches and all the members. There are no words to describe when you hit a PR and the things that you never thought you could achieve become achievable. I am forever grateful to the Crossfit TE coaches for providing such an amazing atmosphere and building the foundation for such amazing new friendships that have developed.

I am honored to be athlete of the month, thanks so much for everything!

Lauren Slattery



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