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When it comes to reaching the highest of your potential there’s more to it then training hard. The following is a friendly challenge to anybody wanting the most out of their experience with us at CrossFit Total Empowerment.

1. Train 4 times per week minimum.
There’s so much information to cover in CrossFit that unless you train often you’ll feel like you’re always starting over. The best way to reach your goals is to do the work.

2. Take 2 rest days per week minimum.
If you’re training hard and often then your body needs periodic rest days. Our training isn’t meant to be done 6 or 7 days a week. Train hard but rest often to see maximum results. That leaves 1 day as a floater work day / rest day to use as you see fit.

3. Eat before the WOD.
Every serious athlete knows the importance of fueling the body before activity. Don’t make excuses. Some yogurt or applesauce goes down fast and easy and can make the difference between just showing up to TE and getting that PR!

4. Have a protein shake after the WOD.
Eat first to fuel the WOD and have a protein shake after to HEAL from it. You have 1 hour after training to give your muscles protein so they can recover. Without recovery there is no progress. Shakes are hands down the best option for fast and efficient protein delivery.

5. Do the CrossFit Total Empowerment Dynamic Warm up on your rest days.
Rest days from training shouldn’t be sedentary. You’ll feel much better on rest days and find it easier to get back to training if you keep the body mobile. Our dynamic warm up is designed to put all the pieces back in place that life likes to knock around. It takes 4 minutes, seriously.

6. Bring in a guest.
One of the best ways to maintain fitness as a lifestyle is to create a support system that encourages you and keeps you on track . That’s part of what makes CrossFit so much more effective than the regular old gym. We become part of a community that empowers each other. Develop that community at home with friends and family and be surrounded by support wherever you go. We are only as strong as our valued members and with every one of you we continue to thrive. So please bring in a guest and let’s take the CrossFit Total Empowerment experience to the next level!

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