Joseph Cosenza

Partner / Coach
Joseph Cosenza


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certified Coach
  • Kettlebell Level 1 Certified Coach


Joseph Cosenza has spent his entire life involved in athletics. Since a young kid, he was fascinated with sports across all fields: wrestling, basketball, ice hockey, and baseball. Baseball stood out as his number one sport, making it to the State Championships his junior year of Highschool. Throughout his athletic career, he had trained to stay in shape. His routine was very typical to the “body building” or traditional working out. However, about two and half years ago, he was introduced to CrossFit, and it literally changed his life. Joseph saw how any person, from any demographic, any fitness level could achieve real goals by committing to a CrossFit program. He saw the results first hand only after a short month of committing. He dropped 20 pounds and saw increased strength, endurance and flexibility. This is when he realized that CrossFit was the ONLY way to achieve total fitness. The results speak for themselves, and if he can do it, ANYONE can do it. Since joining CrossFit, Joseph has expanded his level of fitness by completing many races and events that he never imagined he could do. He has completed the Cow Harbor 10k, two Tri-state Tough mudders, 2013 Brooklyn Half marathon, Citi Field Spartan Sprint, and the Ocean to Sound relay team race from Jones Beach State park to Oyster Bay. Joseph’s CrossFit experience has now taken him to a level to share his passion for the Sport of CrossFit, to help positivel affect the lives of others, espeically in the CrossFit Total Empowerment Community.

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