Vincent Gamboni

Vincent Gamboni


  • CrossFit Level 1 Certified Coach
  • A.S. in Fitness Specialty
  • ISSA CPT Certificate
  • Boot Camp Certification


Hi my name is Vincent Gamboni and this is a little information about how I came across this awesome sport and awesome gym. Throughout my life I was active, I played soccer, wrestled and did mix martial arts. I also always had a love for weight training but lifting became so stagnant to me and I felt unchallenged and plateaued frequently. Then a friend of mine, Dan Tyminski, introduced me to the sport of crossfit and bam I became hooked. I joined the gym and I became a wod addict! Snatches, deadlifts, cleans oh my! So as a CrossFit addict, I did what any person who craved more knowledge does, I got certified. My 2 days in Miami was a blast and the curriculum was so inspiring I couldn‘t wait to teach! Once I passed, I started searching for places that I could teach at… that’s when Anthony contacted me and set me up with an interview and some class visuals/shadowing. This was by far the best gym I applied to and everyone, the trainers and members, were so kind and amazing that it felt like home. The more I have been here at CrossFit Total Empowerment, the more I want to learn and coach the members, only wanting success for everyone in here. CrossFit TE is now my family. I want to thank Anthony and the CFTE staff for giving me this opportunity and I promise to be the best trainer I can be for you!

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