Congratulations 5am Class for Winning the Vibe-O-Meter Challenge!

Congratulations to the 5am Class for winning “The “Vibe – O – Meter Challenge!!”
Patty “Cakes”
John G

The goal of the vibe-o-meter challenge was to create an energy that is positive, uplifting, supportive, and loving. The results were above and beyond anything we could have ever imagined! Energy is contagious. Being a part of CFTE Community allows us all to feel this energy. The people you surround yourself with influence you more than you know. You all inspire us to be better owners, coaches, athletes, and friends.  We are so grateful for all of you.

Lets keep the “Vibe” in our “Tribe” vibrating with high energy and positivity.  Think about this.. Every time you clap your hands and cheer on a fellow athlete, the cells of your body clap their hands in ecstasy. Not only are you making your fellow athletes feel good and perform better, you feel better.  Your whole being is now synchronized with the rhythm of what we are trying to create here at CFTE.


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