Corporate Wellness



At CrossFit Total Empowerment, we’re all about….Total Empowerment. This means Total Empowerment of one’s mind, body, and goals. This is not only at the individual level, but geared towards a stronger “bigger picture”. When your employees are strong, your business is strong. When they’re fit, they’re productive and everything thrives. Corporate Wellness is an important key to unlocking business potentials. This is Total Empowerment at it’s core.

Let us work out a plan to work out- the right way! We’ve got the ability to motivate, strengthen and inspire your staff to do better, whether it be out on the mats or in the workplace. A successful Fitness Program is one of the most powerful benefits you can provide to your employees. Embrace the potential of physical fitness, bond with your employees, and discover nothing but Total Empowerment!

Why CrossFit?

  • …Because, healthy employees lead to a better, happier, more productive workplace.
  • …Because, CrossFit has been proven to improve employees’ health & fitness.
  • …Because, a successful CrossFit experience leads to successful teamwork and community building through discipline and focus.
  • …Because, if you take care of them, they’ll take care of you!
  • Let us take you and your employees to the next level of Corporate Wellness!

Corporate Events

Corporate Events are a great way to promote a sense of community engagements and fitness. Strengthen your team, strengthen your team environment! We offer membership packages for those participate in corporate events, as perks for anyone who supports healthy lifestyle activities.

Group Corporate Discount

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