Farewell to a true gem

Farewell to one of our first members, Steven Coyle. You will be truly missed. Not only was Steven here often, he brought with him a positive attitude and was so eager to learn.  We love you and hope to see you drop in when you are here to visit.

Here is what Steven had to say about his experience here at CFTE:

“Empowered, totally

Lacrosse, agility school, basketball, and cross country running are a few activities that have received my time, discipline and energy since I was a young boy. While each of these activities helped me develop different skills such as speed, agility, strength, flexibility, endurance, and power, no greater combination of these skills were ever worked on simultaneously until CrossFit Total Empowerment entered my fitness lifestyle. By no means do I believe that my past sporting ventures were a waste of time or an inefficient use of energy, in fact they gave me the tools necessary to hit the ground running at CFTE on day one. 

I’m writing this ode to CFTE because I’m transitioning into a new job in Washington, DC working for the newly elected Congresswoman Kathleen Rice. (I’ve been working on her campaign since joining CFTE in May.) Therefore I will no longer be training at CFTE and will miss it terribly. No matter where I end up training in DC, there will never again be another Dennis with the same infinitely positive attitude, knowledge of all things health and fitness, and unbridled encouragement. There will never again be another Anthony to set the tone of the gym to the right techno-rock beat and then spontaneously get up and dance like Michael Jackson or walk across the gym on his hands. And of course, Coach Mike, Coach Joe, and Coach Damon as well as all of the CFTE members have provided a most efficient and friendly workout environment. 

CFTE has helped me reach personal, physical limits that I never knew existed. It has helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle during several months of work that required me to sit at a computer desk for longer hours than the average bear. Above all, regardless of any type of body mass gained or physical appearance I may have acquired (or may lose as a result of no longer training in the same capacity), I’ve taken away a most important lesson that has allowed me to be confident in the maneuvering of any weight for the rest of my life. The mental discipline to screw my feet into the ground, squeeze my glutes, lower my rib cage down, suck my belly button in, externally rotate my shoulders, and keep my head neutral will forever will be the greatest CFTE impact on my life. ” – Steven Coyle

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  1. Marie Urick
    Marie Urick says:

    This is truly one of the nicest sentiments I’ve ever read. Steven wrote what all of us feel every day when we enter CFTE to work out. Good luck Steven, you will be missed! Good luck in your new job!


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