Personal Records (PR’s) for April

Congratulations to all of our Athletes for achieving their Personal Records for April!

Marie U. – 1 Minute Plank Hold
Rob C. – 175lbs Snatch and Overhead Squat
Abbe S. – 20 Consecutive Push-ups
Jessie M. – 175lbs 3Rep Max Overhead Squat
Marcela H. – 105lbs 2 Rep Max Overhead Squat
Robin R. – 1st Clean and Jerk with Weight!
Robin R. – 2x’s 800 Meter Run (non-stop)
Steve D. – 245lbs 1 Rep Max Deadlift
Linsday B. – 195lbs Deadlift
Connie D. – 205lbs Deadlift
Nick I. – 425lbs Deadlift
Mike M. – 345lbs Deadlift
Lauren S. – 235lbs Deadlift
Brendan R. – 345lb Deadlift
Marcela H.  – 245lbs Deadlift
Barbara K. – Consecutive Double Unders!
Bob P. – Consecutive Box Jumps at 20″
Lauren W. – 125lbs 5 Rep Max (3 Second Pause) Back Squats
Lauren W. – 1st Handstand Hold
Coach Mike – 195lbs Split Jerk
Rob B. – 275lbs Split Jerk
Janul H. – 255lb Split Jerk
Janul H. – 275lbs Floor Press
Rob S. – 205lbs Split Jerk
Nicki D. – 105lbs 3 Rep Max Push Jerk
Marcela H. 85lbs Squat Snatch
Tom K. – 235lbs Squat Clean
Christian D. – 405lbs Deadlift
Joe A. – 425lbs Deadlift
Connie D. – 85lbs Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Patty B. – 7 Handstand Push-ups
Lindsay B. – 2 Minute L-Hold/Hang
Eric L. – 235lbs Floor Press
Coach Tone – 305lbs Floor Press

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