Personal Records (PR’s) for February

Congratulations to all CFTE Athletes for achieving your PR’s of the month of February!

Jason M. – 165lb Push Press
Steve D. – 115lb Push Press 2 Rep Max
Vickie  P. 75lb Push Press
Jessica S. – 95lb Push Press
Shannon K. – 115b Push Press
Coach Tone – 225lb Push Press
Rob B. – 245lb Push Press
Mike B. – 205lb Push Press
Coach Mike – 7 Consecutive Muscle Ups
Jessica M. – 125lb Hang Power Clean
Coach Mike – 185lb Hang Power Clean
Patty B. – 155lb Deadlift
Jenn H. – 145lb Deadlift
Lucy V. – 175lb Deadlift
Pete C. – 295lb Deadlift 2 Rep Max
Barbara D. – 145lb Deadlift 3 Rep Max
Marie U. 145lb Back Squat 3 Rep Max
Rob C. – 385lb Deadlift 3 Rep Max
Joe A. – 385lb Deadlift 3 Rep Max
Jenn H. – 27 Consecutive Double Unders
Coach Mike – 51″ Box Jump
Coach Joe – 51″ Box Jump
Rob S. – 51″ Box Jump
Barbara D. – 18″ Box Jump
Lauren S. – 1st Strict Pull-up
Connie D. – Consecutive Burpees
Coach Tone – 135lb Zot Press

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