Personal Records (PR’s) for November

Congratulations to all our CFTE Athletes for reaching their PR’s for the month of November!

Mike B – 2 Consecutive Bar Muscle Ups
Chad F – 2 Consecutive Bar Muscle Ups
Rob B – Ring Muscle Up
Jenn A – 85lb Push Press, 3 Rep Max
Robin R – 1st Knee Raise on the Bar
Coach Joe – 2 Consecutive Triple Unders
Patty B – 1st Rope Climb
Coach Tony – 305lb Floor Press
Coach Mike – 6:33 Mile Run
Krysta C – 105lb Floor Press
Abbe S – 1st Toes to Bar
Abbe S – 1st J Hook Rope Climb
Barbara K – 1st Toes to Bar
Jenn H – 65lb Power Snatch
Jessica M – 1st Rope Climb
Lauren W – 1st 18″ Box Jump (30 reps)
Essie W – 1st Consecutive Double Unders
Rhea S – 85lb Deadlift, 5 Rep Max
Jessica M – 1st Consecutive Double Under in WOD

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