Personal Records (PR’s) for August

Josue L. – 255lbs 1RM Front Squat
Janul H. – 295lbs 2RM Front Squat
Ryan W. – 255lbs 3RM Front Squat
Kevin K. – 225lbs 1RM Front Squat & Back Squat
Christian D. – 225lbs 1RM Front Squat
Denise M. – 85lbs 3RM Front Squat
Rob B. – 315lbs 3RM Front Squat
Rob B. – 405lb 1RM Back Squat
Melissa E.- 1st Rope Climb
Coach Jenn – 1st Bar Muscle Up
Patty B. – 1st Strict Pull-up
Patty B. 155lbs 1RM Back Squat
Rose O. – 217 Reps in “Fight Gone Bad”
Ashley L. – 140 Reps in “Fight Gone Bad”
Eric L. – 234 Reps in “Fight Gone Bad”
Jess S. – 220 Reps in “Fight Gone Bad”
Monica N. – 180lbs 1RM Back Squat
Eric L. – 225lbs 1RM Back Squat
Steph G. – 155lbs 1RM Back Squat
Natasha R. – 100lbs 1RM Back Squat
Jesse M. – 245lbs 1RM Back Squat
Dawn B. – 100lbs 1RM Back Squat
Joe A. – 365lb 1RM Back Squat
Connie D. – 115lbs 1RM Back Squat & 75lbs Squat Clean
Zach G. – 260lbs 1RM Back Squat & 175lbs 1RM Bench Press
Jarrett S. – 305lbs 1RM Back Squat & 1st Handstand Hold
Joy M. – 115lbs 1RM Back Squat
Nick I. – 365lbs 1RM Back Squat & 275lbs 1RM Front Squat
Kimberly S. – 115lbs 1RM Back Squat
Robin R. – 106lbs 1RM Back Squat & 75lbs 1RM Front Squat
Janul H. – 365lbs 1RM Back Squat
Wade G. – 205lbs 1RM Back Squat
Pat C. – 1st Handstand Hold
Jen K. – Consecutive Kipping Pull-ups
Nicki D. – 116lbs 1RM Squat Clean & 215lbs 1RM Deadlift
Andrea R. – 116lbs 1RM Squat Clean
Brenna D. – 96lbs 1RM Squat Clean
Shannon K. – 125lbs 1RM Squat Clean
Juan C. – 1st Bar Muscle-Up
Orry Z. – Consecutive Kipping Pull-ups
Eric L. – 336lbs 1RM Deadlift
Stephanie G. – 190lbs 1RM Deadlift
Victoria P. – Consecutive Double Unders
Joe A. – 445lbs 1RM Deadlift
Connie D. – 206lbs 1RM Deadlift
Lauren W. – 200lbs 1RM Deadlift
Jess S. – 206lbs 1RM Deadlift
Jen A. – 165lbs 1RM Deadlift
Janul H. – 475lbs 1RM Deadlift
Alex R. – Consecutive Handstand Push-ups
Coach Mike – 200 Smiles 🙂
Connie D. – 101lbs 1RM Front Squat
Barbara K. – 191lbs 1RM Front Squat
Nadia C. – 85lbs 1RM Front Squat
Nick M. – 245lbs 1RM Front Squat
Jen A. – 85lbs 1RM Front Squat
Kristina C. – 90lbs 1RM Front Squat
Rose O. – 90lbs 1RM Front Squat
Jen K. – 215lbs 1RM Deadlift
Nicki D. – 146lbs 1RM Front Squat
Pete C. – 225lbs 1RM Front Squat
Rich F. – 245lbs 1RM Front Squat
Nicki D. – Assisted Bar Muscle-ups
Barbara K. – Assisted Bar Muscle-ups
Christian D. – Assisted Bar Muscle-ups

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