Personal Records (PR’s) For September!

Congratulations to all CFTE Athletes on reaching their Personal Records for September!

Josue L. – 225lbs 1RM Back Squat
Andrea R. – 200lbs 1RM Back Squat
Connie D. – 136lbs 5RM Back Squat
Jessica P. – 136lbs 2RM Back Squat
Rachel M. – 210lbs Deadlift
Pat C. – 245lbs 3RM Deadlift
Christa D. – 175lbs 3RM Deadlift
AP C. – 116lbs 3RM Deadlift / 75lb Strict Press
Marie U. – 65lbs Strict Press
Coach Tone – 225lbs Strict Press
Tori G. – 55lbs Strict Press
Lauren W. – 185lbs 3RM Deadlift/ 115lbs Floor Press/90lbs Strict Press
Kevin K. – 175lbs Strict Press
Jen A. – 86lbs 3RM Hang Power Clean
Dawn B. – 75lbs 1RM Strict Press
Vicki P. – 81lbs 1RM Hang Power Snatch
Rachel M. – 90lbs 1RM Hang Power Snatch
Kim S. – 80lbs Floor Press
Dawn B. – 1st Rope Climb
Natasha R. – 185lbs 3RM Deadlift
Connie D. – 191lbs 3RM Deadlift
Julia V. 130lbs 3Rm Deadlift
Andrea R. – 95lbs Hang Power Snatch
Eric L. – 1st Ring Muscle-up
Ricky M. – 1st Double Unders
Patty B – 30.25″ Box Jump
Ashley L. – 34.25″ Box Jump
Zach G. – 49″ Box Jump
Beth C. – 20″Box Jump
Barbara Von K. – 38.75″ Box Jump
Lindsay B. – 32″ Box Jump
Ricky M. – 42″ Box Jump
Jasper S. – 47.5″ Box Jump
Brooke C. – 32.5″ Box Jump
Jesse M. – 1st Bar Muscle-up
Jen K. – 38.5″ Box Jump
Monica N. – 25.25″ Box Jump
Rachel M. – 126lbs Clean and Jerk
Joe A. – 1st Bar Muscle-up
Dawn B. – 1st Toes to Bar
Barbara Von K. – 115lbs Floor Press
Coach Kristen – 145lbs Floor Press
Jess S. – 101lbs Floor Press

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